2009-11-22: You've Got Mail



Date: November 22nd, 2009


Cass is mailed to Gene in order for them to catch up and trade information in his secret location. There's a presentation complete with lights and music.

"You've Got Mail"

Secret Apartment, New York

The time is late afternoon, the odd genius/fugitive/engineer known as Gene working on some device on the side of the room "A little hook up there, a little hook up there, and Bingo! Ready for Cass."

There is a knock on the door. Gene opens it up. "Delivery for Optimus Prime?" the deliver guy from some generic company.

"He's not here right now, but I'll sign for it!" Gene replies cheerfully as he looks to the big box.

"You know, Optimus needs to learn how to properly transport bowling balls. Seriously," the man states as he looks at the large box.

"Hey, if Prime wants a few bowling… You need to do the AMERICAN thing and deliver those bowling balls," Gene states in a firm tone.

"Prime, if you recall, was an alien, and therefore is not American."

"You watch one movie and you think you're some sort of Transformers Guru, do you, Mr. Brown-Short Tight Ass Calendar Boy? WHEN YOU SAVE THE WORLD, YOU ARE A CITIZEN OF ANY NATION THAT LOVES JUSTICE."

There is an awkward pause at Gene's shouting. The man just takes the sign pad and walks away. "That's what I THOUGHT." With his final word said, Gene gets on the other side of the box, pushing it in. Once the box is in and the door is close, Gene pulls out some box cutters. "Hands away from the top, Cass," Gene states, before cutting the top. "Okay, you're free! …Thanks for agreeing to do this, I didn't want to have you on the system."

Hair mussed up, fully dressed in a coat and scarf and hat, the bookstore owner attempts to scramble out of the box as quickly as possible. Of course, being Cass, she manages to tangle her feet on the edge of the box and goes tumbling out of it. Taking big deep breaths of freedom, she pulls off her hat and smooths down her hair. "It's…it's fine. I'm…I can't say I've ever been UPS'd anywhere before. God, I feel sorry for packages now. That delivery guy played death metal the whole way here." Peeling off her coat, she starts to look around her surroundings. "Where are we exactly? I mean, I just mailed myself somewhere, but I didn't get a feel for the surroundings. What system didn't you want me to be on?"

Gene tries to catch Cass, but she zigs instead of zags and down she goes. He tries to help her up if she's off the for the floor. "Government. I have been preparing a show to explain it all… Almost got it done. If you want, you can take a seat on the folding chair." Gene motions around the room, which appears… Odd. The fridge and the toaster are both crushed seemingly from the inside like soda cans. There isn't much in the way of funiture and electronic parts are all over the room in various forms. The walls seem in bad shape, as does most of the rooms. "Welcome to my home for the last two months. I'm bring new fashion to the world… Geek Ghetto."

It's a good try! But Cass is used to falling flat on her face when it comes to getting out of any sort of anything that requires coordination. The electronic parts and lack of furniture somehow fit with what Cass would expect from Gene's home, however she's not exactly sure of what to say about 'geek ghetto'. "A show?" That's the part that is puzzling to her, too. Sliding into the folding chair, as asked, all she can add is, "You've been living here for two months?" She frowns and looks at the walls and the crumpled toaster and fridge. "Why?"

The Geek God moves to a machine which seems to be a large lamp connected to a set of speakers and a computer. "For that, you'll just have to wait for the show. I'll be asking you for information soon, but to make the deal fair, I'll be telling you a lot. Us we-know-everythings gotta stick together." With that, Gene presses a button. "I suppose the best place is to start at the beginning. Give you the full story. It has love, sex, murder, and death and a tragic man named Gene 'Danger' Kensington."

The spotlight turns on with a flick of the switch, turning off the other lights. Also connected to the switch is some form of music player, as lazy yet melancholy jazz plays in the background. "Three months ago, I thought I was I top of the world. I had found my own way of curing my illness and got it done. Pinehearst was a twisted memory, but I was able to put the twisted memories of failure and broken dreams behind me. I was a new man, where the only source of trouble came from an odd Diet Coke relationship that didn't involve sex, but heavy suggling and the illusion of emotional intimacy. Gwen was a case, but not as much as the woman that would change my life forever… Sydney." With that, he kicks the odd machine and the spotlight from the machine changes from white to blue and the whiny sax used in two billion detective movies begins to play.

"O-kay." That's something that Cass can't deny - the fact that they should stick together. She certainly needs some information and Gene could probably do with some of what she knows, too. Sitting back in her seat, she barely has a chance to say, "Alright, let's see it!" before the lights go out and the spotlight has turned on. She listens intently, attempting not to smile at the way he has put this show together. However, the mention of Pinehearst does cause her to involuntarily shiver and pull her arms around herself, glad to have that part of the speech over and done with early on. Assuming that the identity of Sydney will be revealed soon, she doesn't ask the obvious question of 'who is Sydney?'

"She was a cute girl, seemingly struggling over a case when I entered the restaurant she was eating at. After putting on the charm and using the friendship we had just started, she told me about an odd shooting that she was looking into. I was given the case to look at and I realized what I was seeing. An Evolved that could possess other people and was using them to commit murders. I didn't hear anything about anyone stopping it, and in hearing that the government was trying to round up Evolved, I figured the Company would be doing zip on this. It was time for me to do what I was unable to do at Pinehearst: Be a hero. I told her to let me handle it and as I watched her cute behind walk away, a plan formed in my head. So I used facial recognition software and was able to get the lead. She was Emily. Not that it helps THAT much considering she can change bodies. "Using my hero alias, which IwillyoubecauseItrustyoubutyoumustkeepitsecretbecausetheworldmaydependonit-" Gene takes a deep breath before going on. "Prometheus. I contacted her, telling her that I would be watching her. She could work WITH me to help save the world, or I'd be forced to stop her. She agreed and then… I lost contact with her." Gene pulls a picture out to let Cass know what the woman looks like.

Gene taps the machine again, causing red bloodlike swirls to surround him. The music? Mission Impossible theme. "Unknowing if she was killing again or not, I knew I had to do something. I assembled my personal task force to get the job done. A woman named Charlotte, who can teleport to anyone if she knows their complete and true name. She would take us to the site and if things went bad, could get us out in a flash. Elena, a woman you already know for the muscle. And of course, myself to provide the brains and ensure all went to plan. Only…" Dramatic pause. "It didn't work out like we planned."

This is certainly an impressive display. Cass watches it intently, unsure of when she should interrupt or even if she should. Instead, she keeps silent and decides that she'll ask all her question at the end, like every other presentation she's been to. She takes the picture from Gene in order to give it the proper look over and then hands it back. She continues to nod to show that she's listening.

"The place we teleported to wasn't just any location, it was a trainyard filled with government agents. What I didn't know was that Emily hadn't dropped contact because she wanted to avoid Prometheus, but rather because she was captured by Government agents because she was part of the Alpha Protocol, taken solely because she was Evolved," Gene states. "Charlotte teleported into the train and got herself taken out, making it so Elena and I were forced to try and get out on our own. Charlotte apparently got out on her own later, I think Elena almost killed her. Regardless of what happened later, me and Elena made a break for it." The machine is given another tap and suddenly tragic classical music plays, even with slow Latin choir. "They had some sort of gas that showered on us from above, taking out Elena's powers. They were closing in on cars. I knew that if things went the way they did, she'd be captured too. I couldn't let that happen. After giving some awesome speech, and trying to give her a kiss and failing since I had a bike helmet on to conceal my ID as Prometheus, I made a distraction to let her get away and I was captured by the government." Gene pulls up the back of his black shirt to show his back. There is a scar shaped like an iron, as well as some odd burn scars. "The iron was already there, the exploding electric pack was because of the stupid government… ANYWAY."

Gene pull the shirt back down and turns around, kicking the machine to give the lonely harmonica and the spotlight puts on some bars. "They assumed I was a terrorist, trying to screw with their program and since I wasn't in their system, because I spent my WHOLE DAMN LIFE trying to be out of it, they thought I was normal and not Evolved. Which meant I got to go to federal prison. I'm not sure if that was better or worse than the Evolved that were drugged up on the trains and being transported to 'Building 26'." Yes, Gene is well informed. No, it's little surprise. "Anyway, Elena, Eric, and Jaden, were able to bust me out, but not after I accidentally pissed off some crazed inmate named Buddy that can turn invisible. So if yeah, be a little careful because he got away too."

At the mention of being captured and the scars on Gene's back, Cass gasps and almost gets up to inspect them to see how they are healing. However, his shirt is back on before she can do so. Buddy obviously scares her and the mention of 'Building 26' is something else that she stores away in the back of her mind. Something she can pass on to Daphne for more dirt to dig up.

The machine is given another tap. The music from The Patriot plays. Colonial orchestra with a dramatic John Williams flare. "When I was freed, I knew that running was not for me. A hero doesn't run from trouble, he fights it. My suffering became my comfort, my strength. Like Batman. Only with less muscles and less scary. I went to track down an old coworker that was cute and nice, Bert, who saw that I was imprisoned. She was supposed to try and get me out since she worked with the NSA, but I had not heard from her. When I found her in DC, she was willing to betray me for the man that she reported directly under in both ways you can take it. I couldn't let her betray me and I knew something was wrong, so I kidnapped her and took her back. In meeting with Elena, Elena was able to sense something was wrong with Bert. Serotonin or something like that, I don't pretend to know the chemical stuff as well as I do the mechanic. But when Elena 'fixed' her, she was back to normal and was sorry. Apparently someone there, either Ivory or someone else, is able to make women want to do nothing more than please Ivory. And maybe men too, since I think Peter is working for Ivory now too… Or at least allowed to run around. And that… Is the short recap." He didn't even mention the druggie girl Lena, but that may be for another time.

Gene kicks the machine again and the thing turns off.

"Apparently, now Ivory is missing, and another woman I've met and talked with before, Tracy Strauss, wants me to find him. I really want to kill him slowly, but I know that isn't very heroic. I DO want you to test her, if you can, to see if we can figure out the power being used on the women and free them. If I can't get a sane girlfriend by merely existing, no one else should either. 'sides, brainwashing is wrong." All that done, Gene slumps to the ground to just sit on his butt. "So, um, any questions?"

All this information is a lot to take in at once. And, unknowingly, Gene has managed to answer a question she has been attempting to get a hold of forever. The status of Peter. "I have a few. Along with a few caveats I could help expand your knowledge base." Though Cass doesn't have a neat amount of lights or music, she thinks for a second and adds, "Hey, would you mind playing that last song again? I'll go over what I have and then we can compare with each other. Sound good?" That will help set the mood. "Do you want the chair?" The woman stands so that she can possibly take over the spotlight and add a few things to her own presentation. Though, really, it will only have that one song and certainly won't be as impressive.

"Sure, you got it, Cass," Gene states as he moves toward machine. He types a few things into the computer, and has it go back to the classical music. He takes his seat once Cass gets up. "I figured you would have some information too… But first, you do your thing," Gene offers, giving Cass an ushering motion to suggest that she has the floor. "If it's about Alpha Protocol, I have the location of the building, the listing of all the people they are after and, um, the chain of command. I think that's it for now."

"You have all that?" Cass is honestly surprised. This is exactly what she's needed, what she's been waiting for, this whole time in order to get a real read on the situation, find a way to get Peter out and then, once he is, the others. "That's…amazing. That's, well, that's most of what I've got, to be honest. But, I'll go over a few things, maybe fill in a bit of detail along the way." The music starts playing and the spotlight is on her, which makes her strangely nervous. Folding her hands in front of her, she takes a deep breath. "I all started in on this because of a text message from someone named Rebel. He told a bunch of people that Peter had been hit by a helicopter and then taken by the government. I called him and he gave me a bunch of people to contact in order to start organizing. I attempted to start, however, I had no real information. I couldn't organize because I had nothing to organize.

"In the meantime, I'd met with Tracy - which is I think - where or stories start to link up, who said that she wanted to help Peter. She'd gotten the text to. But, she worked for Senator Wynn, who I'd been told was organizing this whole thing, so was not to be trusted. So, I couldn't trust her. She said she wanted to work from the inside and help us that way, so I gave her my number. But, I haven't heard from her since.

"Strangely, the next person I talked to was Angela Petrelli. Who told me that Peter was not himself and that in order to save him, I should just keep being who I was. She also said, interestingly enough, that Peter may come to us, which made me think that he may have been brainwashed. It's the only way I could think of that he could be dangerous to anyone and would be free to roam around. I've been trying to find out anything about him because I figured he was the key in getting everyone out. I have a few people attempting to get information out, but with what you have, we may be able to move this whole thing forward. The only other name I have is Maxwell Swan, who is apparently, the guy who helicoptered Peter and is generally a bad guy." She takes a deep breath, and smoothes her hair again. "I think that's about all I have at the moment. Oh! And I'm helping a fugitive by letting her live in Enlightenment's Basement for now. I don't think Bat Country is safe, it's too knowledegable as a safe haven for people with abilities. Aaannnd…Nathan's back. Without his memory. So, I lied, now I think I've said everything."

"Tell this Rebel to look for Prometheus if you can… We'll do Cyberlunch," Gene points out with a visable smirk. If this Rebel knew to look for Cass, clearly he is someone worth his time. More so if he is trying to 'Fight the Good Fight'.

"While I have the information, it's clearly you have the connections, I suppose…" Gene pauses for a moment, quirking a brow. He knows the last name, but not the first as he asks, "Does Pete have a sister or something?"

"Rebel is Micah Sanders…Niki's son." One more thing she forgot to tell him. "He wouldn't let me know his name until he was captured. Now he's been released, though, but I haven't been able to get in touch with him." So, she doesn't know where he is. "The next time I talk to him, I will. And your codename is safe with me." It's a pretty cool code name. Maybe Cass should get herself one of those. She could be UFO or Quetzalcoatl. Maybe something easier to pronounce.

"That's, um, that's actually his mother. Angela Petrelli. She was one of the Founders of the Company. I've learned through both her and my father that the Company has basically been disbanded and scattered. Their storehouses have been raided by the government and most of the Agents in hiding. I guess it's trading one evil for another."

"Micah?" Gene frowns as he leans back into his chair. "I heard he was captured and released… I was hoping for his mother's sake that he wasn't getting caught up in all of this, but I suppose with his gift, if he wanted to, it would only be a matter of time."

The young man arches the brow. "That would suggest why there is no one to stand against the Government. Guess it's up to us. So far, I've been able to pull together some people. Got someone who can control darkness and teleport through it, got Elena, got a woman that controls visual illusions that work on electronic mediums as well, and Emily who controls people. Already have a few plans, but right now, they aren't that heroic. …Oh, speaking of people with powers that are dangerous, could you get me something that stops powers? I wasn't sure if the Company had something, but I know if I had some, handling Peter and others would be a lot easier if he comes looking for me." There are OTHER reasons why he wants it to, there are somewhat more selfish.

With a sigh, Cass adds, "With his mother, it was only a matter of time, too." Niki always found herself in trouble - much like Cass - but she was strong enough to fight her way out of it. Most of the time. "I'm working on that, actually. I've got a few people of my own that I've been attempting to find a coherent way of organizing into teams. I don't know what everyone can do yet, but I know they'll all come in handy. It was suggested to attempt to get a sample of the Haitian pills that the Company used to have in order to get it to work. I used to have a vial of Curare, which does the same thing, mostly, and also has the good side affect of knocking people out. Awhile ago I used to keep it with me, but I had to use it on Sylar. I haven't been able to get my hands on any more samples since."

She frowns. "I've been formulating a plan on how to get Peter, actually. It will hopefully be a lot less risky than storming the castle. But it needs extensive planning and a lot of good luck to work."

The Geek God widens his eyes as there seems to be mutliple formulas out there to take out people, one of them is a handy dandy Evolved KOer. Gene wants. "Make a trade with Angela. If she wants her son back, she'll hook us up and it will likely be needed if Peter doesn't go willingly. I also might be able to find someone with the needed muscle to stand toe to toe with him."

Hrmming as he taps his chin, Gene offers, "Let me know who you got and your plan… I'll let you know if it gets the Gene Genius Seal of Approval."

"I was hoping I wouldn't have to go that far. I was just going to talk to my dad to see if he had any back stock." He was a doctor there, after all. "I don't really want to make any deals with Mrs. Petrelli I don't have to. She kind of…scares me." That's not an unnatural reaction, of course. Angela Petrelli is intimidating.

At the idea of the 'Gene Genius Seal of Approval', she grins. "Mostly, it involves making Peter come to us as opposed to going to Peter. Nathan said he was expecting Peter to get in touch with him for some reason. I thought we may be able to use that to know exactly when and where Peter would be. Once he was there, we'd detain him, knock him out, and find some place to fix him. I know someone who can put people to sleep, so I wanted to use that. He's just got so many powers, we have to make sure he can't teleport, make himself invisible, or accidentally hurt anyone because he thinks we're attacking him. Since, well, we actually are, but he wouldn't know that we're doing it for his own good."

"If she scares you, then you gotta fight back. Everytime she makes you scared, comment on her how hot her butt is. Hard to be scary if she finds you creepy." …Comments like these are why Gene is consider not a 'people person'. The young man considers the plan, and deems it worthy with a nod of his head. "Anyway, if you get the drug, that would be a nice fallback system. Getting him to us is key… It may give us some time before the government comes looking for him if they think he is leaving for a while for natural reasons. They WILL likely be keeping tabs on him though, considering his powers."

Creepy is right. Gene's advice is taken with a raised eyebrow, but Cass doesn't otherwise comment on it other than a nod. Right. "I wouldn't be surprised if they were. That's why I'm hoping the other Petrelli's will be enough to keep them at bay until we fix Peter. Apparently there's someone by the name of Matt Parkman who's a telepath that can do it. I'm not sure how, but maybe that will be something." She sighs. "There's other people in there, too. Other people we need to get out. And they're not going to be as easy as arranging a pick up."

The young genius nods. He taps his foot for a little bit before he comes to a conclusion. "If you get Tracy tested, and she is WILLING to do it, which she was last I checked, we can check to see if it's mental or something else. If it's chemical, which it seems to be, we might not be able to use Matt. If we can though, that would be key. Having a telepath on the team period would be handy. Lie detection makes life so much easier."

"That was going to be my next question, actually." Cass folds her arms to think this over. "What exactly am I testing for and how am I supposed to make her come willingly if she's brainwashed?" The last time she checked the brainwashed people didn't like being told they were so. "I mean, why is she doing this? Does she actually want to help us?" She's not exactly sure who is on what side any more. "Oh, yeah, a telepath would be nice. I'm just a little wary of people messing around in other people's heads."

"She has a high attraction to Wynn. Considering that my friend also had that, I think it is only an issue when it comes to Wynn making requests. He's missing right now. Using Bert as a reference, I made her question if she is under control or not. She wants to know for herself. This is the time to act," Gene states proudly, glad that things are going (kinda) according to his plan. "I was trying to figure out how to help with this stuff, but I'm the Geek God, not the Chemist Goddess. You do this for me, and consider ourselves even for the information exchange. If you want, we could try and set up a new location if you're worried about Bat Country. Something for Eric and Jaden to do. They both have too much money and I have no qualms spending it for them if its to help save the world." He's not like Gwen, really! "Anything else I can do for you?"

"I just know that Pinehearst knew all about Bat Country." Cass shrugs. It's not something she likes to think about and she spent a lot of time and energy on Bat Country. "I don't know what to do about a new place. I guess for now, we'll use Bat Country. It's got all the equipment we need. And Jaden already gave me Bat Country. I'd feel pretty ungrateful if I asked for another." It's like regifting a ferrari or something. "Of course I'll test her. You said that I should look for high levels of serotonin?" And that's not something she'll hold as being even on information exchange. It's just something she'll do for them. "If we're going to spend it, we should spend it on something we know we'll need."

The Geek God give Cass a look like she just grew a third head. Is someone QUESTIONING HIS PLAN? Maybe she just didn't hear it right or didn't hear her right. That must be it, Gene decides. Because a Gene Plan almost always works if people do what he says. According to Gene Logic, at least. "We need to know if this attraction is really due to something odd or not. It's the best lead we have right now in figuring out what's up with Peter and as I said, it seems like since Bert's been away from Ivory that she no longer has the 'Kill for him' mentality. "As for the new Bat Country, we can use most of the equipement and the like… And just sell the land. It's work, yes, but we won't be starting from scratch if we are careful about it. Either way, just let me know what you'll need and I'll make it happen."

Not questioning the plan, just trying to find make do with what they have. "I'll see what I can do, Gene." She's been taking classes again, brushing up on her medical knowledge. Hopefully that means that just testing Tracy will be able to figure something out like brainwashing. "I definitely think this is the best lead we have right now, you're right. And I'll follow up on it. We'll talk later about a Bat Country II. For now I think with everything in place in Bat Country, I'll just use that to test Tracy. Especially if she's not brainwashed and will go back and just report everything. Then we can move post haste."

Rubbing his chin, Gene looks up to the ceiling as he considers the matter carefully. "Make sure I'm around. IF she isn't brainwashed, I'll handle it with a back-up plan and I can be there myself if needed. I'll need the Haitian drugs, just in case though… So if you could get those, that would make my life a TON easier."

"I will." Cass nods. "I'll see what I can do about the drugs. Otherwise, I'm sure we'll be able to handle it ourselves." It sounds like the meeting is wrapping up and Cass looks back to box she was mailed here in. With a frown, she looks back at Gene. "I don't have to be mailed out of here again, do I?"

Gene shells out a few hundred bucks, along with a number. "Here… This will pay for the cab that is waiting outside for you." As usual, Gene is already thinking of next step. "Give me a call on this line if you need me. It's an online phone company, so it's a bit harder for the government to trace. I have a feeling I'll run into them before this stuff is through, but I'll do what I can until then."

The money that Gene gives her and the number is taken with wide eyes. "Y-you don't have to do that, Gene. I can find my way back." She glances over at the door. "And if you need any help with anything, don't hesitate to call me. My number is still the same." Maybe not the safest thing, but at least she's reliable. "And if you need a place to hide out, you're more than welcome to stay with me. Or in the Enlightenment basement."

"You have a child, Cass. I feel bad enough asking for your help in this as is. Being a fugitive still commiting crimes in the quest to save America and clear my name… Just take the money," Gene admits as he turns away, moving toward the window to look at it. "Thanks for coming," he adds with a small smile.

"Which is why I want the world to be a better place for her." Abby may turn out to have abilities - what with Lachlan having them. This mess may be a mess that she inherits. "How can that happen if I just turn the other way when my friends are in trouble?" Cass shakes her head. She could never live with herself like that. "You're welcome. And, honestly, call me if you need me. You know my number." She came when he called this time, and that won't change.

"I suppose so, but if you accidently ruin her life while making the world better… I'll let you decide your own actions, but I will not endanger that child in any way." Gene's words are firm and somber on this matter, as if it were life and death. His words soon go back to a gentler tone, but he still doesn't look toward Cass. "Take care."

"I'm not asking you to, Gene." The last thing Cass would ever do in this world is endanger Abby. It's her daughter, the light of her life. But, she also can't change the core of her being. It's what she wants to pass along to her daughter - that the world can be changed to make a better place. Even if Gene doesn't look toward her, she moves forward to wrap him in a hug. He's been through a rough time, he needs it.

Remaining silent, the young man expects Cass to show herself out. But she doesn't!!! HUGBUSH. It's like an ambush, but warm and friendly instead of shocking and terrorifying. Gene tenses at first, but eases into it. He turns in the hug and returns it. He still doesn't say anything though. He's done enough talking for the day, it would seem.

Gene doesn't need to say anything, hugs are good that way. They speak for themselves in a comforting and connecting sort of way. After a through hugging, Cass steps backwards and puts a hand on Gene's cheek and gives it a rub with her thumb. "Be careful, Gene." She says it honestly and with a touch of worry in her voice. Only then does she show herself out the door and back to the city and her family waiting for her.

There is a long pause as Cass makes her way out the door. He moves to the counter and looks over the plans he has. Taking a pin, he makes sure to cross out 'Kill the president, replace with puppet ruler'. You can't plot stuff like that after getting a hug from a mommy. Or at least Gene can't.

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