Zach Moyer
Zachary Ariah Moyer
Portrayed By Thomas Dekker
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 15, 1988
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Zach, Spielburg
Place of Birth Odessa, TX, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation NYU Film Student and Residential Advisor
Known Relatives None of Importance
Significant Other His Camera
Known Abilities Suddenly Claire
First Appearance Genesis

After graduating from the crazy town of Odessa, Zach pulled some scholarship strings and managed to land himself some major financial aid in regards to coming to NYU. In addition to being a resident of the City That Never Sleeps, he can never get any sleep because of his Residential Advisor status. As a budding film major, though, this city happens to be the perfect breeding ground for Zach being all that he can be. Now if only he could stop videotaping all these people that do amazing and unnatural things.


Odessa, Texas has never really been a town that deserved anything. Which is probably how it ended up with Zach, in the first place. Born to a crazy couple of parents and left to his own creative devices for most of his life, Zach grew himself into this outcast of doom, which never really seemed to be as outcast-y as it was initially supposed to be. Could have something to do with the fact that every kid in Odessa, Texas spent the majority of the beginning of their lives planning on how to get out of that place. It rarely happens.

Middle School was where Zach managed to define himself as an artist. His love for being behind the camera made him a social outcast. This became something that he embraced, rather than let bother him. He grew to become something of a popular outcast, among that group at least and even managed to be noticed by those of the more 'cool' circle.

"Hey, can I borrow a pencil?"

That was the first meeting between Zach Moyer and Claire Bennett.

Zach spoke to Claire once more during his last year of high school. Claire needed his assistance with a video project of sorts and Zach reluctantly gave such assistance. Throughout the dangerous and confusing time in Claire's life, Zach became close friends with her and they seemed to bond on levels that not even they knew they would. Zach became Claire's voice of reason and the confidant that she could count on, in regards to her special abilities. Zach worked his charismatic magic to help her become Homecoming Queen. All of this time with Claire made them really close friends… and also got Zach to end up with an acute case of Haitian Sundown. Which totally had nothing to do with the fact that tapes ended up being disappeared and all of that bad stuff. Let the rocky road between New BFFs begin!

It's hard to figure out what's going on when there's things missing from the brain in the form of memories. Of course, though, this meant that Claire would have to hook him all over again. Thus, well, the whole Deja Vu aspect returning to his life. A total replay of her initial video presentation of her powers brought Zach back in 'the know'. Which proved to be something that would remain a constant in his non-perfect life.

Graduation for his class came fast enough and through some miracle or two, his parents and grades managed to land him a couple of scholarships to pay for his excursion to NYU. Which is where he's been for the past few months. Stationed in NYU's most prestigious film school, Zach has also been selected as a Residential Advisor for his dorm, in order to help pay for this Too Expensive College. In the interim of all that school stuff, Zach is working on building his filmmaker resumé up by documenting his life and times in New York.

The whole collecting video evidence of the 'specials' that seem to converge on his city is just bonus.


Trying to pin down Zach's mental state is kind of like trying to pin down the roadrunner. He has a drive and focus in his way of life, choosing to embrace his inner freak and use it to set himself apart from everyone else that seems to be hell bent on 'fitting in' with this crazy world. His whole existence in life seems to be to observe and assist, which is something he's fine with. He doesn't seem to have his own desires besides his love for the film industry and the creative juices that spark this dire need to document things and create fictional works of video art.

It could be said that Zach is one of the cool emo kids, but he's not exactly into that whole bag. Nor is he into the whole goth thing, There tends to be a happy medium between what is viewed as 'normal' and his social outcastery. His lack of friends tends to lead him towards being ridiculed and hated on, but Zach's happiness with himself keeps him from feeling insecure about anything in his life. Which proves to be a good sign in terms of him staying true to himself.

Zach's sexuality has always been a question… to everyone else. Personally, Zach hasn't chosen to make his sexuality unknown in regards to anyone else that may or may not be interested in this. Personally, Zach hasn't figured out his own sexuality yet. Which is something that he's comfortable with, in and of itself. Through his lifetime, he's liked both women and men, so there's no official statement that he can make about his own sexuality. He just likes whomever he likes at the time.

Loyalty is a big thing with Zach. When he trusts someone enough to let them in and become their friend, he's given himself to them in every way he possibly can. The best friend he's ever had was probably Claire, but his loyalty to keeping her secret helped him in his decision to get the hell out of Texas. Regardless of his personal feelings, Zach has this knack for doing the right thing for his friends, as opposed to the 'right thing' period. This could prove to be both good and bad in the long run of Zach's life, but he honestly, doesn't care so much about the long run of his life. He's living for the moment.

Shooting Script



  • "You gotta embrace your inner freak. 'Cause the only thing you'll regret is denying who you really are." — Advice to Claire

Official Motion Picture Soundtrack

  1. Claire: Feel Like Fame - Four Letter Lie (Video)
  2. Best Friendship: I've Got You - The McFlys (Video)
  3. There: Crash & Burn - Savage Garden (Video)

Behind The Scenes

  • Zach has an uncanny ability known as Suddenly Claire, which can be attributed to luck or coincidence. Somehow, on the brink of death or when in immediate danger… Claire just shows up. It's a crazy, wild coincidence but it happens. She is his wonder girl, his hero.
  • Caught On Tape: Regeneration (Claire)
  • Online Handle: FILMSBYZACH
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