Zelda Bailey
Zelda Bailey
Portrayed By Zoe Saldana
Gender Female
Date of Birth Month Day, Year
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Z, Zel
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Baker and owner of Sugar Bakery
Known Relatives Jane Bailey (mother), Frank Bailey (father), Ernest (brother), Leonardo (brother)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance Falafel Stains

Zelda owns Sugar Bakery in Brooklyn. If you couldn't tell, she's a baker. She's named after Zelda Fitzgerald, author and wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and not the Nintendo Elf.


The Baileys were never well off. Growing up in Brooklyn when it was still dangerous at night, Julia and Frank Bailey taught at the same high school. Julia taught English, while Frank was a math teacher. The two forged a relationship built on hard work and love, passing on those same ethics to their three children.

The meanest thing they ever did to their children was to give them names like Zelda, Ernest, and Leonardo - all named after famous writers or mathematicians. Poor Zelda had the worst of it, though, as not long after she started school the video game Zelda came out and the significance of being named after Zelda Fitzgerald was lost in the geek overload of the Zelda Nintendo games.

Growing up as the middle child, Zelda learned how to handle herself. Brooklyn wasn't safe and her family worried about their safety, so they were given self defense classes and a lot of common sense advice of how to survive a mugging and, better yet, how to not get mugged. Her older brother, Ernest, taught her how to handle herself and incapacitate someone to give her time to get away and Leonardo (Leo) brought out her more tender nature. While her parents worked overtime at school, Zelda learned how to cook and clean and take care of her younger sibling, enlisting Ernest to help when he wasn't off working.

While most kids would resent her parents for such a lot in life, but Zelda found her love of cooking through it. She could have gotten away with baked chicken, sandwiches and store bought cookies, but she put her heart into what she made for Leo and Ernest. By the time she had graduated high school, she was making up recipes of her own to feed her brothers and family.

After high school it was only natural that she would then go to culinary school, which she did. Specializing in desserts, she passed through the notoriously stressful and male oriented classes with flying colors. Though she worked in restaurants all over the city in the kitchens, eventually she decided to open up a shop of her own - a small little bakery by the name of Sugar in the now developing part of Brooklyn. While it's been there three years, people still consider it new and she's trying to make a name for herself and it. She's staying solvent and afloat, but it's still a struggle.

Everything seemed to be on track for her to live a very normal and sweet-filled life until the Solar Eclipse a year ago. She was normal one minute and the next she had some sort of super power. Freaked out, she didn't tell anyone about it, convinced that she was a freak of nature and that she could hurt someone. As time went on, she grew curious about what she could do, what it would entail to her and she would go out in the middle of the night to test the limits of her ability. However, she never used it in public, or talked to anyone about it. It was her secret, one she still isn't quite comfortable with.


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